Be My Eyes app helping visually impaired with volunteers across globe

spinonews Be My Eyes app

A Be My Eyes app for visual impaired helps blind people with volunteers across the world. In 2012 Hans Jorgen Wiberg a Danish man with peripheral vision loss and an entrepreneur Christian Erfurt started developing app to connect world with volunteers who can help.

The app available for both iOS and Android get it installed with voice command. It sends out notification message to more than 1 million volunteers around the world. The volunteers signed up with specified languages they speak and their time zone.


Be My Eyes app helps within 20 seconds

The Be My Eyes app calls are usually answered in about 20 seconds. and once they go through, all the callers have to do is point their phones at whatever they need help with. But it’s not just reading labels that they call about. The Be My Eyes volunteers also help them find lost items, tell them whether their socks match, check for stains on dresses, and even navigate new places. Volunteers find it extremely fulfilling. You have a chance just to step in or step out of your everyday life just for a brief moment and then do something good within a couple of minutes.

The Be My Eyes web site also includes a “Community Stories” section. Devoted to first-hand accounts from people who talk about the daily challenges of being blind or visually impaired. All the ways volunteers have helped save the day.

You can also signup using your Facebook account to make the process simpler. This app doesn’t privately collect your personal data from your phone. It just asks for permissions to use the mic, camera and location access.

Steps to use Be My Eyes app

After signing into the app you are allowed to make a call to the first available volunteer. By pressing “Call first available volunteer” get connected to volunteer in 30 seconds.

The volunteers around the world prompted with push notification as “someone needs your help”. If you select it a video call starts between you and volunteer who wants to help.

The “Be My Eyes” volunteer just takes a look at his Phone and will describe the item he or she sees through your phone camera. You can just thank them for their help and be on your way.