Cooper’s space map now scans treasure-laden shipwrecks in Bahamas

spinonews treasure-laden shipwrecks in the Bahamas

Treasure-laden shipwrecks in Bahamas

Over 50 years ago, a NASA astronaut created a Space map that could lead a modern-day explorer to the sites of treasure-laden shipwrecks in Bahamas.

In the 1960s, the NASA astronaut Gordon Cooper identifies more than 100 anomalies in the Caribbean that may be shipwrecked. But, unfortunately cooper died in 2004. Later, cooper’s friend Darrell Miklos use that maps to search out a huge number of historic wrecks.

Miklos sets out to track down 11 shipwreck sites in the Bahamas that may stacked with silver, gold and other treasures, potentially worth billions of dollars.

In 1966, cooper and his exploration partner, Kip Wagner visited the Bahamas. While they provide some information that indicates there could be as much as 290 tons of silver alone across the 11 sites.

treasure-laden shipwrecks in Bahamas
Source: fox news

Cooper’s research discoveries

Cooper’s research has already uncovered some interesting discoveries. While, using the space map, Miklos and his team make a surprising find in the Caribbean, a century-old anchor accepted to be from one of Christopher Columbus’ ships.

Researchers reveal that the investigation of the anchor dates between 1492 and 1550.  The general size of the anchor and its estimated weight demonstrated that it was a 300-ton vessel. Within a few hours of finding the anchor, it was coming back to the seabed to meet the stringent salvage controls of the Turks and Caicos Islands.

Few days back Miklos stated, he had more resources at his disposal. Also stated, we had new cutting-edge technology, an underwater scanning device. Miklos said, in any case, the cost of the extra apparatus shortened the project’s window from four months to two months.