Summer Games Done Quick 2018 Speedrunner Marathon highlights


Summer Games Done Quick 2018 has started on Sunday with the speed runner events.

Eight world record holders perform in their best occasions throughout the second 24 long periods of Summer Games Done. The eighth version of the speed running marathon for philanthropy commenced from Minnesota yesterday.

SGDQ is one of top choice approaches to commence the season. Dependably an extraordinary diversion from the mid-year warmth schedule.

Summer Games Done Quick benefits Doctors without Borders event raised a record $1.7 million

Based out of the DoubleTree Hilton in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Meanwhile, the occasion highlights speedrunners of every single distinctive games flaunting their abilities. Profound information of recreations going from the works of art to the darker with an end goal to fund-raise for Doctors without Borders.

However, the activity began Sunday on the N64 with Rare’s platformer spin-off at 1:00PM EST, today moved onto different works of art like Cool Spot highlighting the 7 up mascot at the beginning of today took after later in the day by an epic frolic through Disgaea 5 and a few of the Mega Man recreations. Speedrunner Studio will complete Monday off with Rise of the Tomb Raider.

All of the runs will be broadcast live in the Twitch stream, but you can also check the YouTube video later for anything you might have missed.