Today’s Health tip: Anti-gravity yoga- Is it good for health?

spinonews Anti-gravity yoga

Anti-gravity yoga is a combination of traditional yoga asana, acrobatics, and dance. These asana done suspended in the air with the help of a hammock.

While doing these poses, make sure you connect your breath to your movements. Go deeper into the pose and hold it for a longer time.

As, there will be less pain and pressure on your body while you are suspended, holding the pose for a longer time becomes easier, ensuring a better understanding of the yoga poses that can be implemented on the ground.

Benefits of Anti-gravity yoga

This yoga technique will make you more flexible and increase your focus.

It will strengthen your muscles and relieve stress.

It gives the experience of a wholesome exercise by engaging all your muscles.

The method is great for your back, and it eases tension in the spine and hip joints.

The exercise is anti-aging and delays the onset of heart problems.

It improves blood circulation and detoxifies your system.

Aerial yoga stretches and strengthens your body.