Google Maps now gets Waze incident reporting feature

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Google Maps new update

Google Maps is one of must-have applications on any mobile, regardless of whether it’s Android or iPhone. Now, tech giant Google just refreshed Google Maps on Android, launches a new design and features to their valuable users.

Waze, a GPS navigation service created by an Israeli based company, Waze mobile. Later the service claimed by Google. Waze conveys a better route understanding and provides a major feature that is not accessible on Maps.

Waze incident reporting feature
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Features of Waze incident reporting feature

Waze offers real-time cooperation between drivers. You can report any kind of inconvenience you experience on your way, including mishaps, barriers, police sightings, and speed traps.

Google is apparently aware of the usefulness of crowd-sourced navigation data, and it’s ready to convey this level of user interaction to Google Maps. Indeed, some Google Maps users on Android have already a spotted incident report prompts, which will quickly help you of Waze.

Waze incident reporting feature
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With Waze, you’ll also ready to interact with the notification and update it with more relevant information. After all, this feature only works on Waze if users keep adding new reports and update or evacuate the current ones. The same thing will also happen on Maps.

In this navigation service crashes, speed cameras, and speed traps will also support. If the feature isn’t available on your Android gadget, you’ll most likely get it soon. Ideally, the iPhone will get Waze integration with Google Maps next.