Today’s Health tip: Cross-fit Vs Boot-Camp exercises

spinonews Cross-fit

There are a lot of similarities between Cross-fit Vs Boot-camp exercises. You can easily understand the difference by this article.

Cross fit

Extremely varied and is unlikely to get boring or old

Incorporates complicated movements that takes time to master and gives you bragging rights

There are opportunities to complete and make a career out of it

Great supportive atmosphere

Great way to build muscle and become extremely fit

Most Crossfit gyms are small and personable enough to know when you’ve bailed on a workout, and they willkeep you accountable.

Can be overwhelming initially with lots of new terminology, movements and form standards

If you have trainers that are not vigilant or qualified, the risk of injury is higher than with Bootcamp


Done mostly outdoors, and you get to enjoy nature (for better or worse)

Very scalable and open to all fitness levels

Great team spirit and training in working as part of a group

Easy to understand and perform most movements (until you get to the end of the workout and everything hurts)

If you run out of steam, there is usually someone who is willing to help you out

Great way to burn lots of calories and lose weight

Repetitive and simple movements can become boring if you are planning to continue for an extended period of time

Don’t expect to pick up any cool skills that you can use for party tricks

In a group scenario it’s easier to ‘hide’ behind other team members achievements and not own your own achievement, for better or worse