Pokemon Go anniversary event from July 6 to July 31 in Chicago, Illinois

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Pokémon Go launched two years back today and it anniversary celebration time you can attend Pokemon Go Fest. The game has advanced from a basic chasing and catching game to something significantly more.

It hasn’t moved away from what players maybe like best about Pokémon Go occasions that present new, cute Pikachu merchandise.

From July 6 through July 31, players can discover more Pichu and Pikachu in the wild than expected as a major aspect of the second anniversary occasion. In case you’re fortunate, those Pikachu will come donning an extremely summery look. “Summer Style” Pikachu has dope shades and a flawless straw cap. We are exceptionally desirous of its looks.

Players can likewise get some Pikachu-themed wear for their symbols. Anybody with a gold Pikachu fan decoration can purchase the majority of the thing, among them a shirt and Pikachu ears.

Pokemon Go first grand prize from the original Safari Zone

Niantic also teases that something bigger is yet to come as Pokémon Go enters its second year. The introduction of Celebi, a second-gen mythical Pokémon that will be available through completing special research tasks.

We’re about to get the first grand prize from the original Safari Zone. One that was unlocked when players completed the rather easy task of doing 5 million research tasks per region over the course of the weekend.

Pokémon GO has a whole summer of live occasions arranged that will bring about worldwide prizes for players. We’re through the principal Safari Zone in Germany,

There’s no solid time allotment there, however look out for Celebi as Pokémon Go Fest nears. It keeps running in Chicago, Illinois, the few days of July 14.