Todays Health benefit: Benefits of Celery salad


Health Benefits of Celery salad

Eating celery salad every day may reduce artery-clogging cholesterol.

It acts as an antioxidant, and in truth, all parts of celery, including the seeds, roots, and leaves can be used.

Eating this vegetable regularly helps to avoid diseases of the kidney, pancreas, liver, and gallbladder.

It is good for people with bladder disorders, kidney problems, cystitis, and other similar conditions. The seeds also assist in preventing urinary tract infections in women.

Celery contains phthalides, flavonoids, and polyacetylenes. These cancer-fighting components detoxify carcinogens.

It also contains coumarins that enhance the activity of certain white blood cells. Can effectively stave off cancer as well

Celery is rich in both sodium and potassium, and both of these minerals help regulate the fluid balance in the body.