Todays health tip: Moves and benefits of Plyometric training

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Redefining strength

Plyometric training

Plyometric training is a type of exercise generally used in sport-specific training to enhance power and performance.  The Plyometric exercises can help build bone density prevent injuries, improve power, strength, and agility. This exercise involves getting your heart rate up using your own body weight and by staying in one place.

Now, for todays health tip, we are presenting the 8 moves of Plyometric exercise and their benefits.

Moves and benefits

Jumping Jacks– great for cardiovascular health and boosting your metabolism

Burpees- provides strength to your muscular bulk

Jump Squat- builds muscle and prevent injuries

Box Jumps- boosts metabolism and melts fat

Jump Lunge- Increased stability and movement awareness

Skaters- increases your leg power also enhances your body and coordination

Mountain Climbers- improves cardiovascular health

Rapid Toe Taps- improve your overall strength and cardiovascular endurance

Explosive Push Ups- increase muscle contraction rates