Virginia teen suffered burns after encountering Hog Weed plant

spinonews Hog Weed plant

A Virginia teenager endured severely burn areas and treated at a healing center after he experienced an intrusive, hazardous plant while on a landscaping work.

17-year-old Alex Childress experienced a mammoth hogweed an obtrusive, dangerous weed. It can cause visual impairment and skin disturbance, as per the U.S. Branch of Agriculture.

Dangerous Hog Weed Plant

The plant contacted him as he was cutting a hedge he told on Thursday. Initially thought the bothering all over was an awful sunburn. At the point when Childress got back home from his finishing work. He thought he must’ve had a serious sunburn, and when he began to clean up, “the skin all over was fundamentally peeling without end and peeling off,” his dad told.

With severe singeing all over and arms. Moreover, Childress turned into the principal patient treated  at the Virginia Commonwealth University medicinal place for damage caused by the dangerous goliath hogweed plant, the healing center told.

However, the Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services said a month ago the risky hogweed plant was spotted at a private home. Analysts have said the plant isn’t spreading over the district broadly.

The intrusive plant, which was first seen in the U.S. in 1917. It produces harmful sap causes extreme disturbance to skin presented to daylight. It sits on the Department of Agriculture’s poisonous weeds list.

Meanwile, with the nearness of the goliath hogweed plant in Virginia. Authorities solicited any individual who spotted one from these plants to record an obtrusive species report.