Today’s Health tip: How to choose a better? Sit-ups Vs Planks

spinonews Sit-ups Vs Planks

Sit-ups Vs Planks

Sit-ups and crunches routine exercises recommended over the years to strengthen your core.

The most prominent of which being the potential hazards to the spine with Sit-ups.

Sit ups done improperly can cause the spine to go against its natural curvature. Often results in lower back injuries.

With planks that they target the abs without the risk of injury to the lower back and without trying to force the spine away from its natural curvature.

This gives you a way to work your core while all but eliminating the chance of back pain.

Looking at planks vs sit ups, planks are the clear winner. They target the abs just as well, better mimic real world situations, and lessen the chance of injury.

Sit ups may be old school, but planks are what you should focus on in the future.