China cancer deaths caused by air pollution at record high


Earlier, a eight-year-old girl in Jiangsu province had become the china’s youngest lung cancer patient. The lung cancer deaths in china have increased rapidly and the government took a primary step to decrease the costs of cancer medication.

According to figures published by the state-run Xinhua news agency, they have increased by more than 50%. The National Cancer Center reported that there were 4.29 million new cases of the disease every year and 2.81 million deaths.

The hospital that was supposed to be treating her denied the reports. But the outcry caused by the story shows just how concerned people have become. Beijing health officials say smoking is still the number one cause of lung cancer. But they admit air pollution is also a factor.

China removed tariffs on all imported cancer drugs from May 1 in April. The government now plans to spend $850 billion to clean up its water. It spent $112 billion on this from 2005-10, but 43% of the water it monitors is still dangerous to humans.

“More than half of the lung cancer deaths attributable to ambient fine particles were projected to have been in China and other East Asian countries,” said the WHO.

Xinhua said the latest figures which are for only one city and one disease were issued by Beijing municipal health bureau.

Beijing health officials said lung cancer was linked to lifestyle choices, with smoking still the top cause. But they said passive smoking and air pollution could also be a factor.

Levels are highest in urban areas. In small cities with a population below 500,000, the incidence of breast cancer is 30 per 100,000. For large cities with a population above 1 million, the incidence is 60 per 100,000 women.