Today’s health tip: Swedish Massage vs Thai Massage

spinonews Swedish Massage vs Thai Massage

Swedish Massage vs Thai Massage

Previously, we discuss that there are around 200 techniques and types in massages also discuss the difference of Balinese massage and Swedish massage. Now, for today’s health tip we discuss about Swedish massage vs Thai massage.

Swedish massage is classical massage. You can get benefits from both physical and mental. The physical benefits include working our knots in the muscles. Decreasing aches and pains, increasing blood circulation, and stimulating lymph activity. Also, you will feel stress leaving your body.

While, Thai massage is techniques similar to the Swedish massage and commonly calls lazy yoga. It uses a technique called blocking and releasing the blood flow. When applying pressure legs and arms joint meet, the customer will feel heat as the blood rushes back to the limbs.

Thai massage can improve stress, balance, back pain, muscle spasticity