Intel 10nm cannon lake chips finally arrive in mid 2019

Intel 10nm cannon lake chips

Intel 10nm cannon lake chips

Chip-maker Intel finally announce the news of its 10nm cannon lake chips will release on 2019 holiday shopping season may start in the month of October or November. When the beginning of manufacturing Intel 10nm cannon lake chips, the company decided to launch in 2016 later the date shifted to 2018, but not releases. Now, the company officially announces and fixed the launch time.

At yesterday company’ s conference call, Intel representatives said, “we would deliver 10nm chips during the second half of 2019, later clarifying that they would ship consumer PC systems in time for the holidays.”

Coming to the features of Intel 10nm cannon lake chips, the chip designed by using 10nm technology runs on Core-i3-8121U and has four threads, two cores, a 2.2GHz base clock with a 3.5 GHz turbo boost, 15W TDP, 4 MB level-3 cache and memory support up to 32 GB. The chip supports two new kinds of memory LPDDR4 and the, both are DDR4 low-power variants.

Xeon chips on 10nm chips

While, the Core-i3-8121U chip has less specifications compare with Kaby Lake-G, Kaby Lake-R, and the Coffee Lake Intel processors. The chip-maker applied the server-based Xeon chips on the Intel 10nm canon lake chips.

Intel 10nm cannon lake chips

Intel chief engineering officer Venkata Renduchintala, said, “Intel still honing the 10nm manufacturing process, which requires packing an even greater number of transistors on a piece of silicon. Recall that 10nm strives for a very aggressive density improvement target beyond 14nm. Almost a 2.7x scaling.”

In the performance level, the Intel 10nm cannon lake chips are best compared with 14nm chips. A 10nm chip can use 50% less power when running on the same performance in 14nm chip.

In the company’s conference call, the officials also discuss about the revenue in the second quarter that increases 15% up to $17billion compared with the same period of last year. Other side, the company’s data-centric businesses rose 26% up to $7.9 billion, while Intel’s PC business increase 6% upto $8.7 billion. Both, the data-centric and PC businesses raise compare with the first quarter.

These are some interesting discussions happened on the conference call. For tech enthusiasts and Intel fans, now wait until the release of Intel 10nm cannon lake chips.