Now Login your Edge browser by password-less Web authentication

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Login your Edge browser without typing

Users of Microsoft Edge can login into their accounts now more easier without entering a traditional password. To strengthen the security of user browser accounts, Microsoft introduces Web authentication, a password less login to users on the web.

With the new Web authentication, users can sign-in with their face, fingerprints, special PIN. “The integration of the password-less specifications in the latest Edge browser has been a goal of the browser since 2016, when Microsoft shipped its first preview implementation of the web authentication API in Edge”, said Angelo Liao, the program manager of Microsoft Edge and Ibrahim Damlaj, the program manager for Windows Security.

Web authentication is a new type of verification API which scans user authentication, such as fingerprints, facial recognition and special PIN numbers and allows users into function. Recently, the popular web browsers, Google chrome and Mozilla Firefox start using this new security. Now Microsoft joins in this group.

Microsoft and FIDO Alliance

Did you believe our personal data secured in online? In my point of view NO. In online, our personal data is protected by a password in sometimes it difficult to remember. So, to resolve this problem, Microsoft is working with the FIDO Alliance to develop the new standards in online security.

Web authentication

FIDO Alliance is an American non-profit organization provides bio-metric authentication security to our data. Also, it is the World’s Largest Ecosystem for Standards-Based,
Inter-operable Authentication. Recently, FIDO announces, the Microsoft web authentication APIs succeed the Candidate Recommendation (CR) status at the W3C.

Liao and Damlaj said, “this implementation provide the most complete support for web authentication to date, with support for a wider variety of authenticators than other browsers. “With Windows Hello face recognition, users can log in to sites that support web authentication in seconds, with just a glance”.

With this report, the latest windows 10 insider preview 17723 supports the web authentication APIS and also support FIDO2 devices. However, the new password-less security on Microsoft Edge will available to everyone later this year.