Facebook and Instagram new time limit tools can track you, How?

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Facebook and Instagram new time limit tools

Don’t overspend on Facebook and Instagram now they track you with their new tools. The social media giant Facebook launches a time limiting tools that will help to users who are spending much time in their apps.

Currently, the apps Facebook and Instagram have more users in the social media. But it may get negative impact on them like user addicted to app. With this consideration, Facebook launches the time limit tools that helps to control the app usage.

However, Apple and Google have already implemented this type of tool in their applications. Apple adds this tool in iOS 12 and Google added in Android P.

Facebook said, “the new time limit tools can help to manage the usage on Facebook and Instagram. An activity dashboard will sent notifications to your mobile that reminds you daily”.


Facebook discussed with leading mental health experts and organizations, academics, and their own community research team when starting to work on the feature. The main intention of the company is people spend on Instagram and Facebook to be intentional, positive and inspiring.

How it works?

As per Facebook, “we hope the new time limit tools would help conversations between parents and teens about the online habits”.

By using this app, user first sets a time limit of usage in their app and if you are crossing that limit the dashboard will hints you. The time limits ranging from 15 minutes to 8 hours. If you want to continue cancel the notification and use the app. In this feature, user can also see their history and daily usage time in the activity dashboard.

Facebook going to brings this feature to users very soon. If you want to add this tool on your Facebook account, first update your Facebook mobile app> Go to settings> choose option Your Time on Facebook. In Instagram, go to settings and select Your Activity option. After entering, you can see the options ‘Manage Your Time’ and ‘Manage Your Notifications’.

Now the time limit tools can access only for mobile app users. While, we expect this feature soon on desktop websites.