Today’s health tip: Uses and benefits of Reetha

spinonews benefits of Reetha

Uses and benefits of Reetha

Reetha also called as Soapnut. In Ayurveda, soapnut used in vital constituent in shampoos and cleansers also this herb used for treating several skin conditions. The pulp in the fruit have high amounts of natural form substances. Adding soapnut to a mixture of clay and milk powder for cleaning the skin delicately. For today’s health tip we present the benefits of using Reetha.

Reetha Benefits

  • Enhance Hair growth
  • Helpful for Epilepsy patients
  • Treatment for Asthma
  • Helpful in Tooth disorders
  • Reduces Migraine pain
  • Treats Conjunctivitis
  • Helpful in Diarrhea
  • Betrays Scorpion poison
  • Treats Body pain
  • For Eased Delivery