Learn more about HTC World’s first Cryptocurrency Mobile

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World’s first Cryptocurrency Mobile

Taiwanese Electronics maker HTC is taking help of the creator of Litecoin for the design of its upcoming smartphone HTC Exodus. Before announcing HTC, many other smartphone makers researched for implementing this technology in their mobiles. Finally, HTC announced officially about their Cryptocurrency Mobile.

Litecoin is one of the following types of cryptocurrency. Charlie Lee, the creator of Litecoin and launched his cryptocurrency in 2011. Litecoin is an open source digital currency system, it uses script algorithm as a proof of Work (poW). Compared to bitcoin, Litecoin is faster and cheaper.


Few days back, Charlie unveils that “HTC’s upcoming smartphone Exodus will feature native support for lightning network (LN) and i am giving advices to ensure that the Cryptocurrency Mobile doesn’t overcomplicate the technology while keeping everything secure, to allow for a large-scale adoption of the platform”.

Promoting blockchain interoperability

While, the HTC Exodus works as a node to allow users to check their details on the devices and it operates a blockchain network. When working, the Exodus request to blockchain agnostic, which offers to support multiple protocols for promoting blockchain interoperability.

HTC Vive creator Phil Chen said, “HTC Exodus offers a strong security to wallet compared to other hardware wallet solutions”.


The company doesn’t reveal about their Cryptocurrency Mobile specifications and features. According to some reports, the phone’s block chain design can record transactions and tracks software for protecting the security. Mobile tools and data storage included in the device and the mobile also supports Cryptokitties.

According to HTC, the price of HTC Exodus is very close to the Sirin labs Finney device estimates around $1000 USD. Sirin labs are the major rival of HTC in the development blockchain smartphone.

HTC may launch the device in 2018 but not mentioned specific date. Already, the presale has begun and people who are interested to purchase the Cryptocurrency mobile now start ordering with bitcoin before the release.