Todays Health tip: Steps to avoid Stomach Cramps while Running

spinonews stomach cramp

Many of us often feel the pain in abdomen stomach cramps while running and it suppress in achieving fitness goals.

This pain is usually on the right side and just under the ribs. Exercise like horseback riding, running, and sit-ups are common causes of the stomach cramp.

You shouldn’t drink large amounts of water or eat 2-4 hours before exercise. Sip small amounts (1-2 swallows) before and during exercise.

Dehydration can cause cramping as well, so do not ignore water during running.

Do common running sequence is a three step inhale and two step exhale pattern. It’s mainly the result of shallow breathing, not breathing deeply from the lower lung.

Small stretching exercises can help to relieve the tension. Just lean your upper body to the side and stretch a little further with each exhalation.