Adobe Smart scanning app now appears in Samsung Galaxy Note 9

spinonews Adobe Smart scanning app

Adobe Scan

American multi-national company Adobe collaborated with the world’s biggest smartphone market leader Samsung for introducing the smart scanning app, Adobe Scan. This smart scanning tool now running into Samsung latest handset Galaxy Note 9 with the help of Bixby Vision.

Bixby Vision is one of 3 major features of the Samsung AI assistant Bixby and it’s built into the camera. The camera supports augmented reality capabilities that recognizes real time objects, such as text, images, QR codes, Food and shopping and gives proper information about what you are looking.

Adobe Scan features

Adobe Smart scanning app can capture the text with free automatic text recognition (OCR) that converts into PDFs. With Bixby Vision, the camera on the Galaxy Note 9 automatically detects the documents through Adobe scan. After the document load, the app will get Adobe Sensei access that adjust the correct view of the document. User can also edit their saved document within the app.


While, the Adobe Smart scanning app can also convert an image into PDF file by using Adobe Acrobat or Adobe Acrobat Reader that adds functionalities, such as search, commenting, signing and voting.

Ashley Still, vice president and general manager of Adobe Document Cloud and Creative Cloud enterprise, said, “collaborating with Samsung and the intelligent assistant Bixby Vision gives Galaxy Note9 users the most intuitive mobile scanning experience by integrating the intelligent technology of Adobe Sensei and the Adobe Document Cloud”.

Benefits and Supported devices

While, the major benefits of using the Adobe Smart scanning app are supports optimization, creates powerful PDFs and scan documents immediately.

Currently, Samsung Galaxy Note 9 only supports the Adobe Smart scanning app. While, the company also plans to introduce the Adobe smart scanning app into other Bixby Vision supported handsets, such as Galaxy S8 / S8 +, Galaxy Note8 and Galaxy S9 / S9 +. The Adobe Scan mobile app also available in Google Play and Galaxy Apps.