Today’s Health tip: 7 disadvantages of led lights to health

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LED lights criticized by people who are worried they’ll cause damage to the retina of your eye.

Accumulation of cellular debris called lipofuscin in your retinal pigment epithelium is responsible for the damage.

Because the emission surfaces of LEDs highly-concentrated point sources. The luminance of each individual source 1000 times higher than the discomfort level.

Manufacturers encouraged to use optics or diffusers, so that the beams of light emitted by the LEDs cannot seen directly, to avoid glare.

Limit your exposure to led lights during the daytime and at night

The blue light in the evening reduces melatonin production in your pineal gland. We are more effected a our work places.

When buying LEDs, one way to get a healthier light is to look at the CRI. A light that has an R9 full red spectrum CRI of about 97. The closest you’ll ever get to a natural light with an LED.

Be particularly mindful to only use this type of light at night. After sunset, I also use blue-blocking anti-reflection glasses.