Intel discloses a new 3D NAND SSD drive for Cloud storage

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Intel world’s densest SSD

Intel has disclosed a new 3D NAND SSD (strong state drive) ‘ruler’ form factor storage for data centers. While, the company first sets out to release this form factor a year back, in view of the Enterprise and Datacenter Storage Form Factor (EDSFF) standard for server makers to cut cooling expenses and offer a more effective format than SSDs in the exemplary 2.5 inch estimate.

Intel portrays the new Intel SSD DC P4500 is the world’s densest SSD, which is 12 inches by 1.5 inches, and 33% of an inch thick. The SSD offers 32TB of storage and it built’s on Intel’s 3D NAND technology.

The new ruler shape improves SSD storage density, cooling, and power for server farms. Intel says, “one of the advantages over plate is that its ruler is cooler, helping organizations diminish interest for ventilating. While, cloud computing service providers like IBM, Microsoft and Tencent are received its ruler SSDs to support their cloud and datacenter operations”.

SSD drive configuration

According to Intel, the thin and long configuration requests half the airflow to keep them cool contrasted and conventional SSD format hardware, while the 3D NAND SSD takes up only a 10th of the power and is around 5% of the size of hard-disk storage.

Source: Intel

The cooling edge empowered by the ruler design, which enables air to flow directly to processors located at the back of a machine. Also, the ruler of 3D NAND SSD drive impacts everything about server design and helps to increase execution and reach new levels of density, it’s a major ordeal.

Intel Director of Data Center Storage Wayne Allen has designed the new 3D NAND SSD drive in data center storage. Allen and his development group have worked with industry clients to make the ruler SSD.