Today’s Tech news: How the new Nvidia Turing GPUs benefit to filmmakers?

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Nvidia world’s first ray tracing GPUs

Nvidia Corp, one of the leading GPU manufacturers releases the information of it’s new Turing GPUs architecture at SIGGRAPH 2018. The today’s tech news, new Turing based Quadro RTX series GPUs are the world’s first ray tracing GPUs run by the RT core hardware and it can empower real-time racing technique to create immense graphic animations and other collective animations.

The Quadro RTX series, Quadro RTX 8000, Quadro RTX 6000, and Quadro RTX 5000 GPUs are designed for visual computing workloads, such as film and video content creation and scientific visualization and mainly helpful for filmmakers. The Nvidia Turing GPUs also supports the Turing Tensor Cores to accelerate deep neural network training and inference to controlling AI-enhanced rendering, products, and services.

As per Nvidia, the new Turing GPUs will reform the work of 50 million employees by enabling them to render photo-realistic scenes.

Features, Price and Release

However, the new Nvidia Turing GPUs will run by Samsung 16Gb GDDR6 memory to support complex designs, huge datasets, 8K video and more. Nvidia’s wire-based communications protocol NVLink can connect two GPUs directly to scale memory capacity up to 96GB and drive higher performance with up to 100GB/s of data transfer.

Source: pcgamesn

Amy Bunszel, Senior Vice President, Design & Creation Products at Autodesk said, “AI and ongoing beam following are changing the manner in which planners and craftsmen work. Autodesk and Nvidia cooperating to convey these headways to the market, and we anticipate the new devices and abilities Quadro RTX will convey to our clients”.

Coming to the cost of new Nvidia Turing GPUs, the 48GB Quadro RTX 8000 costs $10,000, the 24GB Quadro RTX 6000 costs $6,300 and the 16GB of Quadro RTX 5000 costs $2,300. While, popular IT giants Dell, HP Enterprise and Lenovo interested to support the new Nvidia TuRing GPUs.

According to sources, the new Nvidia Turing GPUs may release in between October and December of this year.