Today’s Health tip: How Milk bread causes ill health?


Even milk bread usually not made with actual whole grains.

They are grains that have pulverized into very fine flour. Even though process reserves the nutrients, it causes these products to be digested rapidly.

The starches in milk bread broken down quickly in the digestive tract and enter the bloodstream as glucose. This causes a rapid spike in blood sugar and insulin levels.

Even whole wheat bread increases blood sugar faster than many candy bars.

When blood sugar goes up rapidly, it tends to go down just as quickly. When blood sugar goes down, we become hungry.

This is the blood sugar roller coaster that is familiar to people on high carb diets. Soon after eating, they become hungry again, which calls for another high-carb snack.

Elevated blood sugars can also cause glycation at the cellular level when the blood sugars react with proteins in the body. This is one of the components of ageing.