Today’s Health tip: 3 steps to improve Sitting Position

spinonews sitting position

At present people might face the backache frequently in the bottom of the spinal cord and irregular body postures with improper sitting position.

These spinal illness should not be neglected, it might be two reasons spinal cancer and  sitting position. If you notice symptoms like back pain, Neck pain, arm and leg pain or numbness in the arms or legs may be a sign of cancer and get verified by your doctor.

Every morning body stretching exercises which can help you whole day.

People who tend to perform desk work continuously should follow the below steps to get rid of back pain

Sitting posture to avoid back pain

Assemble the body on chair with your back and shoulders straight and even buttocks need to be completely in contact with back of your chair.

Must place your both feet flat on the ground completely. It important to place your knees in right angle and rise slightly than your hips

Don’t place your legs crossed. Try to move for every 30 minutes or adjust the convenient sitting posture. When sitting in a chair that rolls don’t twist at the waist, turn your whole body.