Latest space news: $400m Mars opportunity rover lost forever

spinonews opportunity rover

NASA opportunity rover remain dead covered with Martian dust storms in June. It has been two months that lost connectivity permanently.

The major problem behind the opportunity rover is $400m vehicle battery begin to decay in the Martian soil.

As NASA believed that opportunity rover might fell asleep with low battery charge. The rover gets charged itself with solar panels but the Martian dust covered panels no adequate source of light to charge itself.

Opportunity rover has three crucial fault modes to recover from the situation. Low power fault causes to change into sleep mode until it charged full. Clock fault it happens if rover doesn’t recognize time with disturbance communication. Loss fault occurs when the rover hasn’t heard from Earth in a long time to check its equipment.

The vehicle built to wake back up and verify its power levels and establish a connection to the earth. This process undergoes with clock mechanism where NASA claims a new fault with the clock on board. Even if the rover might wake up it will be in damaged state to perform the job.

Initial rover mission on red planet is 90 days. It moved from earth on July 7, 2003 and made unbelievable discoveries till now.