Today’s Health tip: 7 ways to stop Gastric problem

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Gastric problem & symptoms

Bloating is common cause of Gastric problem the sensation of excess stomach gas that has not yet released and is stuck, causing discomfort.

The bloating, burping and passing of gas are natural functions of the body. Usually caused by swallowed air or in the process of breakdown of food through digestion.

Eating too fast and too much gulping too much food or drink makes us take in a lot of air along with the food which could lead to gas.

However, Gastric problem often created by certain types of foods and aerated drinks. Rich, fat laden greasy foods and sodas increase the chances of gas.

Research shows that certain food components in the normal diet. Such as resistant starch, oligosaccharides and plant fibers. Incompletely absorbed foods to cause gas and other stomach discomforts.

Moreover, poor digestion is a major cause for gas as it produces a more unstable microbial
community in the gut.

Drugs that help to alleviate stomach acid issues comprise of H2 blockers such as rantidine, nizatidine, cimetidine, famotidine.