Today’s tech news: Google faces lawsuit on constant location tracking

spinonews Google faces

Google facing an allegation from users in tracking the data and locations even when turned off.

A man filed lawsuit at U.S. District Court of San Francisco with detailed information on tracking the data. As the tech giant google deceive the feature to disable tracking. The feature also works after disabling and it’s against the consumer privacy.

But the google confirms that applications in smartphone tracked all the time as the user need to disable the tracking feature. Many users don’t know to disable the setting in browser or application activity.

Apps like Google Maps need location access for some functionality, such as real-time navigation, while other apps may require the data for other reasons, such as targeted advertising or search results. Many of Google’s apps, both on iOS and Android, report back location data to the company’s servers.

Certainly after the investigation google updated its supportive documents. To explain the location history setting clearly while accepting continues location tracking.

Google chrome transmits 340 times with 11.6 MB of data

As lawsuit alleges tech company under California Invasion of Privacy Act and California’s Constitutional Right to Privacy and illegal trespass into privacy. “Google affirmatively  and misleadingly represented to both Android and Apple device. Users that turning off Location History would result in Google ceasing to track, record, and use an individual’s location information,” the suit claims.

The lawsuit to find by separating the Android and iPhone user across the United States. Individually whether each device recording the location after disabling the setting.

Moreover, recent study proves that android device with chrome browser running in background transmitted the data 340 times with 11.6 MB of data to the google server while using internet.

Once said that it uses data to improve its products and relevant to more searches. It also uses the data to deliver ads to maintain the highest revenue.

User transferring from android to iPhone might be helpful for some extent. But apple user using the google apps sharing the data through publisher services.