Today’s tech news: Facebook forbid 652 Accounts Linked to Russia, Iran

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Facebook forbid 652 pages on the social media network that were operating on political influence operation of the midterm elections which are held in November.

Facebook updated their policing from the last year for proving that influencing 2016 presidential election. By the Russian agents, followed by the other social network to. Facebook forbid 32 accounts in July of Russia. For involved a head of midterm election of U.S.

After Facebook forbid Twitter also removed 284 accounts for “coordinated manipulation,” many of them apparently created from Iran only. And Microsoft also reported a new Russian effort to implement conservative U.S. websites, potentially as part of an espionage campaign.

“There’s a lot we don’t know yet,” CEO Mark Zuckerberg told on conference call. The three groups are involved from Iran and one from Russia investigated by four different teams in different factors.


The first focused on a group “Liberty Front Press” that have multiple accounts on Facebook and Instagram to which followed by 155,000 other accounts. This group linked to Iranian state media and the IP addresses and administrator accounts are also from Iran only. This group created there account in 2013 and posted political content on Middle east, the U.K., and the U.S., although the focus on the West increased starting from a year ago.

The second group has multiple accounts and 15,000 followers. This group linked to “Liberty Front Press” and plan to hack people’s accounts to spread malware. And third group also had as many as 813,000 followers, and also sharing political content on the Middle East, the U.K. and U.S. The Iranian group will spend around 12,000 dollars in advertising and also 28 different platforms.

The fourth group of Russian campaigns tied to the Kremlin’s military intelligence unit and focused on information about Syria and Ukraine, spreading pro-Russia and pro-Assad content.

Facebook forbid these four groups and observing closely with U.S. law enforcement on this investigation.