Today’s tech news: Gmail Confidential mode and G suites, Calendar Updated with quick access panel


Google’s new updated feature confidential mode for Gmail app and with its new designed interface to include quick access panel to G suite, G task and all google services to access.

The tech giant has announced in blog, now users can also  access calendar, drawings, slides, docs and sheets to be more productive. These changes might take place within a week, the launch to be scheduled.

source: android authority

These features help you save time by minimizing the apps on background. You can edit your priority list to quickly navigate the google services by multitasking.

Creating calendar events side by side without opening a new window. With the same mechanisms all the apps like tasks, docs are utilized.

Previously, Gmail has similar feature with quick access side panel. Now extended the same feature to G suites.

Gmail Confidential mode

A new mode delivered in desktop based Gmail app. Many users get benefited with feature, but they haven’t got an idea to use it.

With the confidential mode can compose a mail with an expiry date for sensitive information. You can fix a date for mail as it disappears after the exact date in recipient’s inbox. The feature enabled on Gmail client mobile app.

Procedure to use confidential mode

At first, you need a recent updated version.

Login to your Gmail and start composing an email.

Figure A


You find out a menu button open it and search for confidential mode option.

Figure B


A new window opened to set the expiry date and it needs SMS passcode

Figure C

After setting up the expiry date, Press save button, send the mail.

When the recipient attempts to view the email, prompted to click send passcode. With that passcode in hand, they can then view the email.