Today’s tech news: Know how much 1970’s APPLE-1 Computer Costs

Apple-1 computer

No one would have ever imagined that a $666 Apple-1 computer can fetch a huge bid up to half million dollars ( $500,000 ) in the auction. Almost 9 times that of its original price.

Yes, that’s true; in the year 1976-77, Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak have produced 200 Apple-1 desktop computers among which 60 Apple-1 computers still exist.

So a Boston based RR auction has planned to auction one of those 60 remaining Apple-1 computers.

So why Byte shop style Apple-1 computer is costly?

You might get a doubt that why people are bidding heavily for the Byte shop Apple-1 computer. when a person can buy 100 MacBook’s or 100 Apple iPhone X or a luxury car or even a house for 300,000$.

There is a saying “ old is gold “ and that’s true as California based Apple company has reached $1 trillion marks, starting up by producing Byte shop style Apple-1 desktop computer in mid-1970’s.

Apple-1 computer

People crave for anything that is unique and will be ready to pay the humungous price if it is worth and the Byte shop style Apple-1 computer is definitely one.

you will get the original operational manual, 1970’s ASCII keyboard, and the ACI which stands for Apple cassette interface With the Apple-1 desktop computer. The Apple-1 computer incorporated with the original motherboard used at that time

History Behind ‘Byte Shop’ Style Apple-1 Computer?

In the mid-1970 the founders of Apple, Steve Jobs, and Steve Wozniak have produced 200 Apple-1 computers. Out of those 200 Apple-1 computers, 50 Apple-1 computers were specially designed for a California based personal computer store ‘Byte Shop’ which is located in Mountain View.

The Apple-1 desktop computer will be auctioned in the month of September by RR Auction. this Apple-1 desktop computer comes from the family of the 50 Apple-1 computers which were specially designed for Byte shop. Hence it is called as Byte shop style Apple-1 computer.

Is Byte shop style Apple-1 computer functioning?

According to a report, Corey Cohen, the Apple-1 expert has worked on Byte shop style Apple-1 computer. He restored it to the original working condition without modifying it.

Corey Cohen tested the Apple-1 desktop computer under different conditions. The Apple-1 computer worked successfully without even a single fault.

Corey Cohen, the Apple-1 expert also rated the Byte shop style Apple-1 computer 8.5 out of 10 (8.5/10). One can expect a fully operational byte shop style Apple-1 computer.

Apple-1 computer

In the above image, one can see Corey Cohen with Byte shop styled Apple-1 desktop computer.

The qualified bidders can get the video of the same on request on the official website of RR Auction.

When will the Auction take place?

As per reports, the Boston based RR auction will commence live bid auction on September 25, 2018. Whereas the RR auction will accept the pre-bids from September 13, 2018.

RR auction has listed the bid for the Apple-1 computer at $300,000. The bid amount expected to rise by the end of auction.

One such Apple 1 computer which was auctioned before has fetched nearly 500,000$. One can expect huge biddings at the time of auction for Byte shop style Apple-1 computer.

So that’s all about the auction of the Apple-1 computer in today’s tech news.