Today’s Tech News: Know about Sony’s 500 million Limited Edition Play Station 4 Pro

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All the play station lovers across the world are having so much excitement and anxiety to know about the Sony’s limited edition play station 4 pro. That’s the reason we have brought up the play station 4 pro in Today’s tech news.

If you are one of those persons who didn’t grab the Limited edition signature collection of Play station 4 pro, Then this post will help you to have a look at what goodies it came with.


3rd December 1994 was the date when Sony has rolled out its first play station in Japan. Since then, Sony has never looked back and registered humongous sales. Sony has created a brand for itself and went on to register 500 Million i.e., ½ billion play station sales.

Play station 4 pro

So to celebrate the 500 million customer landmark celebrations, Sony has rolled out their limited edition Sony play station 4 pro.

Sony has sold 525 million Play stations until now, Which means it has sold 14 Play stations for every 10 seconds.

Why has Sony rolled out Play station 4 pro?

To celebrate the half-billion sales in play station, Sony has rolled out a limited edition of Play station 4 pro.

The limited edition Sony’s play station 4 or simply PS4 is the most stylish Play station 4 you have ever used.

Play station 4 pro

Sony has just manufactured 50,000 pieces of limited edition Play station 4 which were sold out as soon as they have listed it online.

50,000 pieces of limited edition Play station 4 pro have been sold out within no time.

What’s special in Limited edition Play station 4 pro?

The 500 million limited edition Sony play store 4 pro has the unique color and it also comes with some extra goodies. Limited edition Play station 4 is a true collector’s edition. Sony’s limited edition play store 4 comes in navy blue color.

The limited edition PS4 pro also features a 2TB hardware which is 1TB more than that of normal PS4

Play station 4 proPlay station 4 proPlay station 4 pro Play station 4 pro

Goodies that comes with the Limited edition PS4 pro are

  • Earphones
  • Power cable
  • HDMI cable
  • Micro USB cable
  • Matching dual shock 4 controller
  • Matching horizontal console stand
  • Matte blue PlayStation camera along with television stand

The earphones that come along with the 500 million limited edition play station 4 are the same ones that you get with normal PS4. Television stand is the extra goodie that you get with this limited edition.