Today’s tech news: Use “Minis”, The new personalized stickers on G board

areflect G board

G board gets new stickers called as “Minis” developed with AI powered technology. At first, emoji stickers feature available in calling app Google Allo. Now it has been added to G board to share with friends.

The feature observed with version 7.5, it is available in android and iOS in sticker section. These personalized emoji’s made from capturing your photo. Generate your emoji with various moods, face reactions and share to your friends within conversations.

source: google

You can find out with an updated version of G board with more than 100 new stickers on top of the existing collection with bold or sweet modes.

However, Google killed its blob emoji last year, and it has since replaced them with a standard circular shape to align its offering with emoji from other operating systems.

How to create G board emoji’s

source: google
  • Download the free Gboard app.
  • Tap the emoji button to the left of the space bar.
  • Select the Stickers icon (the square with a face).
  • Tap on the Mini icon at the far left.
  • Hit the “create” button.’
  • Take a selfie.
  • Wait for Google’s AI to work its magic.
  • Tap customize to fine-tune your “Bold” or “Sweet” Mini.
  • Find your new Minis inside the Stickers tab.
  • Select your favorite auto-generated stickers and send them to everyone you know.