Health news today: 3 Eye diseases Linked to Alzheimer and Dementia

areflect Alzheimer and Dementia

Scientists have recently identified an eye test to recognize the Alzheimer and early stages of dementia. These eye tests determine the new ways of finding the risks in elderly aged people.

Alzheimer and dementia effects the roots of brain from a decade, even before recognizing the symptoms of memory loss and nerve degenerative. The tests detecting the early stages for now are spinal taps and PET scans.

With 3,877 participants selected randomly aged in between 65-75 years. The study took place for 5 years by treating 792 patients with Alzheimer.

Eye diseases Linked to Alzheimer

Researchers claimed that the elder people with macular degeneration, diabetic retinopathy or glaucoma had a 40% to 50% greater risk of  disease than those without the eye conditions.

In 17 patients they found that the retina layer which converts images into signals to the brain is very thin. The blood vessels represent the low amount of blood flow to the eyes.

Although more research should take place to find out the link between retina and Alzheimer. If it goes well, can detect the disease earlier and can improve with medications.

A company optina diagnostics from Montreal, Canada developed another eye test in detecting the disease easy way. The company is conducting clinical trials with support from Mc Gill University and Sunnybrook hospital in Canada. After trails, eye test to take the regulation in 2019.