Health News Today: Are Red Meat And Cheese Good For Heart?

areflect red meat and cheese

Good News to all the meat and cheese lovers.  According to a report, the people who eat red meat and cheese are having fewer chances of getting heart diseases.  The researchers at McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario have disclosed that people can live longer by eating higher levels of red meat and cheese.

The outcome of research:

After conducting studies on 218,000 people across 50 countries, the Canadian researchers came to the conclusion

red meat and cheese

The people who have taken one portion of red meat and three portions of dairy have shown the best results and have the following benefits:

  1. The consumption of red meat and cheese reduces the risk of the person of getting the heart attack.
  2. Death fall has decreased by 25% for the people who are consuming the red meat and cheese
  3. The chances of getting heart stroke are decreased by 22%.

Furthermore, According to a new global study from McMaster University “Higher the intake of red meat and cheese, Lower the chances of getting affected by heart strokes and cardio diseases”.

Benefits of Red meat and cheese:

For years, Red meat and cheese have been cut down from the menu, As a result, to reduce fat and maintain the healthy diet. But red meat and cheese provide us with a lot of benefits.

  1. Cheese contains zinc, calcium, vitamin A and Vitamin B-12
  2. Red meat is the natural source of iron, zinc, protein and B vitamins.

Salim Yusuf is the Senior Author and professor from McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. He said “Our research result suggests that red meat and dairy products are good for heart, longevity, and health.

Add red meat and dairy products to your menu for a balanced and healthy diet. Though the researchers haven’t mentioned about the white meat like chicken. likewise, Red meat, white meat will have the same effects. To protect yourself from cardio diseases by eating cheese and red meat. Add one portion of red meat and three portions of dairy products to your diet.