Health News Today: FDA recalls Dr King’s Homeopathic Drugs for microbial contamination

areflect Dr King’s

The Food drug Administration announced a major recall on homeopathic medicines manufactured under brand Dr King’s. The recall decision made after the drug manufacturer received warning notice from FDA for potential microbial contamination from the manufacturing site.

According to the warning notice from FDA, consumers must recognize the Dr King’s products and dispose the recalled products. Although, it might pose additional safety risk, these products can be health hazardous for people.

The drug recall isn’t first time for North Carolina based Drug Company. Nearly 600 water-based products recalled. As the products offering relief and treatment for conditions from acne to restless leg syndrome. As well as children’s products to treat flu symptoms, reduce fever, and aid sleep and pet products targeting joint, muscle, teeth, and gum health.

Manufacturing timestamp for products recall

However, the homeopathic drugs purchased between 08/01/2015 and 08/01/2018 have tested positive for microbial contamination.

The drugs contaminated with bacteria Burkholderia multivorans, a pathogen that causes severe illnesses in people with compromised immune systems. A rare but emerging cause of meningitis.

“In addition to our concerns with contamination. Some homeopathic products may not deliver any benefit and have the potential to cause harm,” said FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb, M.D. in the agency’s official statement.

Moreover, you can check the list of contaminated products Click here.

But till date there are no causalities reported. If you purchase any infected product take assistance from Dr King’s by calling (866)298-2740.