Latest Space News: Close Encounter With 2016 NF23 ASTEROID?


We are not new to the term Asteroid and their close encounters with the Earth. There are many theories of asteroids. Among all the theories present, the new one is 2016 NF23 Asteroid which goes past earth on today.


As soon as you look at the name of an asteroid, a number of past theories should have blown up your mind. Strike them all as NASA has revealed about the 2016 NF23 ASTEROID.

Why is 2016 NF23 Asteroid dangerous?                    

NASA thinks 2016 NF3 Asteroid is 200 meters wide which way bigger than some of the wonders of the world. The gigantic 2016 NF23 asteroid is traveling with a speed of 20,000 miles per hour making it the potentially hazardous asteroid. Good news is that On 29th August 2018, this asteroid goes whistling past the earth.

What damage can 2016 NF23 Asteroid cause?

If the earth was hit by the humungous Asteroid rock, then almost an entire big city should have vanished from the globe killing millions of people.


Luckily, the gigantic rock is not hitting the Earth and it is passing by almost 3000 million miles from earth.

In a report to, Lindley Johnson, The current planetary defense officer at NASA has disclosed that “There Is nothing to worry about the 2016 NF23 asteroid as it passes by earth at a distance of 3000 million miles from earth”. This is almost 13 times that of the distance between the earth and the moon.

As per the official statement of Lindley Johnson, Everyone can take a deep breath as the 2016 NF23 asteroid passes far from the earth today.

How many such Asteroids still present in space?

There are plenty of asteroids present in space. NASA has revealed that there are 1912 potentially hazardous asteroids as of Aug. 2018.


The small asteroids have the power of wiping the entire city from the globe. They are pretty much hard to track due to their size.

Even though there are 1900 gigantic asteroids, one need not worry. As they are easy to track due to their moment and can easily be deflected.