Today’s Tech News: Learn How Google And Bing Rank Your Website

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According to a report, On Tuesday Donald Trump has accused Google, saying it is covering negative coverage. Google was fast to respond and said it doesn’t have any biases when it comes to political search results. Everyone knows about Google and Bing.

Google is clearly the leader when it comes to the search engine. But Microsoft’s Bing search engine is leaving no stone unturned, to gain the supremacy. In the United States, 85% of users use the Google search results which are enough to prove its supremacy in the arena of search engines and the overall share market.

Google and Bing

Google’s main income comes from their Ad revenue and pay per click (PPC) advertisements. Even though there are lots of similarities between the Google search engine and Bing search engine, Bing should come a long way.

How Google and Bing rank the news related results?

Both Google and Bing use different algorithms to rank the news related results by validating some key aspects. Google has a lot number of algorithms and the latest update it rolled out is Broad core algorithm update. Google’s Spiders crawls through the content and rank it

Microsoft Bing has also a different algorithm and works in a different way when compared with Google. Depending upon some of the important factors, both Google and Bing rank the News related results

Google and Bing

On what factors Google and Bing rank?

Google and Bing have similar protocols when it comes to ranking. As said, both the search engine results use a different algorithm to judge the content on one’s website. While ranking the website it looks out for the following factors

  1. Authority
  2. Whether the content is relevant or not
  3. Uniqueness
  4. Whether the content is user-friendly or not i.e., Readability.

So your website rank on the search results goes up if you have ticked all the aforementioned factors while writing the content.

There are many tools and plug-ins are available in the market. So make sure you use one of those to place your website above your competitors