Latest Space Discoveries: How And When The Sun Will Die?


The sun acts as a primary source of energy and all the planets including earth revolve around the sun is what we learned in our school days. But do you know how the sun will die and what happens to the earth if the sun dies?

According to a team of international astronomers, the sun which is 4.5 Billion years old, will turn into a giant red ball in about 5 billion years. They also disclosed that the Earth, Mars, and Venus will be swallowed by the gigantic heat ball.

What Have Astronomers revealed?

Sun constitute almost 99.8 percent weight of our entire solar system. Sun glows at a Fahrenheit temperature of 10,000 degrees by blowing out hot solar winds.

sun will die

Ethan Siegel is an astrophysicist and author. He in his article said that the sun loses its mass by blowing out a stream of solar wind. For every 150 million years, the sun loses the weight which is approximately equal to the weight of the earth. Till today, the mass lost by the sun is 95 times that of Earth’s weight.

He further wrote as sun decreases its mass, it increases brightness and burns up the hydrogen present at its core. Due to which Earth will be gone in about 1 or 1.5 billion years and the sun will die in 5 to 10 billion years.

What happens if the sun dies?

Sun dies in about 5 billion years but that’s not the worry. The cause of concern being the human life exists on the Earth. Sun blows at 10,000 Fahrenheit degrees and releases a solid heat wave across the solar system.

sun will die

As the temperature increases by all the water sources on earth such as oceans, seas, rivers etc. will get heated up and the result is the water converting into vapor. With no water left on earth, all living things like humans and animals will not get the sufficient water which ends the life on earth.

According to the article written by an astrophysicist, the sun will lose all its mass and turns into a giant red ball and the sun will die as a white dwarf.