Today’s health tip: Worried about Negative energy around you? know more

areflect Negative energy

Are you afraid of negative energy? you might think negative energy surrounded by you  manipulating your life. We have solution to get rid of feeling loneliness in home, fights between you and your loved ones by following the steps.

Steps to remove negative energy from body

Take bath with 2 cups of sea salt its grounding and clearing all negative forces upon you.

However, space with lightness and brightness possess high positive vibrating energies. Rearrange your belongings so that there is as much free, open space as possible.

Allow sunlight and fresh breeze into the living rooms and home must have a good ventilation.

Moreover, plants are an awesome natural filter for unwanted energy. Spend as much time as you can outdoors. Remove dead or dying plants immediately

Use incense sticks for pleasant atmosphere and happy mood. Try to laugh and hangout with folks.

Perform body workouts to improve your thoughts which helps you to take right decisions every time