Today’s tech news: Microsoft upgrades Office 365 limited access subscriptions

areflect Office 365

Great news for Microsoft Office 365 users, the company removing the limited access for devices in Home and personal subscriptions from October.

As of now, if you sign in sixth device a pop-up noticing “limit reached” displayed. So, from October 2 you can install Office 365 Home and Personal accounts with unlimited access and get five accounts signed up at same time.

Office 365 upgrades 6TB OneDrive cloud storage

Microsoft have mentioned to increase its product licenses per subscriber from 5 to 6 and get 6TB OneDrive cloud storage. In 6TB each user gets 1 TB of storage data for $100 annual subscription. Now six people can get their own license access to Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote and OneDrive.

Each license will be able to sign into 5 devices. Simultaneously, 30 devices at the same time for an Office 365 Home package. Home subscriptions automatically shared with the people you’ve set up as members of your family.

Microsoft Office 2019 Perpetual Version

The unlimited subscriptions for Office 365 Home and personal may be sign of Office 2019 launch. Microsoft calls this the perpetual version of Office as you pay a one-time fee for it and own it forever, and it doesn’t get upgrades until the next major version release.

Another change, finally be able to manage your subscription on the Microsoft Account portal. Instead of having to sign into