Today’s health tip: Importance of vegetable soup before meal


Benefits of Soup

Vegetable soup a simple meal addition a way to ensure that the family gets all of their vegetables and nutrition

Eating a bowl of low-calorie soup before your meal helps to cut down calories and aids weight loss.

Nutritionally this is also beneficial as the nutrients found in vegetables helps to regulate the digestive tract.

When warm soup is consumed at the beginning of the main meal, the various digestive juices are secreted in the stomach & intestine which helps in proper digestion of main meal & after.

Naturally, homemade soups are the best option. Eating a first-course salad can reduce overall calorie intake at a meal by up to 12 percent.

People who started lunch with vegetable soup ended up eating 20 percent less than those who skipped the soup.

Soups always best to consume and its quick, and many variety of recipes available