Health News Today: Theo Taylor UK’s Smallest Baby Boy Survives


Theo Taylor has created history in the United Kingdom. He is the smallest baby ever to be born in the UK history.

He weighed almost 350 grams at the time of birth. This is at par with that of the weight of a can of coke. Therefore making him the smallest boy ever to survive in the United Kingdom.

Theo Taylor parents:

Theo Taylor was born prematurely at 26 weeks to Katie Rhodes, 24, and Jay Taylor, 27.

Theo Taylor

Although Doctor’s offered Katie Rhodes abortion a day before delivery, she refused it. Theo has stopped growing inside Katie Rhodes womb. Doctors have found this shocking revelation on the 19th-week scan and alerted the parents.

Jay Taylor works as a delivery driver. He had the following to say “I was scared and relief after looking at Theo for the first time. Until then I never knew that a baby can be that small”.


“Doctors have said Theo Taylor weighs same that of a can of coke, But when I lifted the Can of coke, It felt heavier than Theo”.

Why has Theo Taylor Born prematurely?

Katie Rhodes works as a Support Worker at Durham. she was hospitalized due to pre-eclampsia. After three days, Doctors have found that little Theo Taylor heart was surrounded by fluid which forced doctors to perform an emergency C-section operation.

As a result, Theo was born as premature at 26 weeks 5 days. Both Katie and Jay hardly spent a few seconds as Theo was put on a breathing machine using the smallest tube.

Current Condition of Theo Taylor:

Theo fought against all the odds and went under operation for a hernia. The doctors who asked Katie and Jay to not take Theo for granted were surprised by seeing the fighting spirits of Theo.

Theo Taylor

Katie and Jay described Theo as a little fighter. after a long wait of 6 months; Theo Taylor is finally accompanying his elder brother and parents at home.