Today’s Tech News: Beware of These Malicious Apps in Google Play Store

areflect malicious apps

Even though Google is coming up with the best Algorithms to protect its users from the malicious apps, still some of the Apps are injecting the virus into your Mobile phones.

There are almost 3Million apps in Google play store, out of them few are Malicious Apps and spreading banking Trojan. In recent times, Lukas Stefano of ESET antivirus and Nikolaos Chrysaidos of AVAST have unearthed some apps in the Google play store which spreads banking trojan and viruses.

What are the Malicious Apps in the Google play store?

Lukas Stefano before revealing the names of the malicious Apps on twitter, he has reported the same to the Google.

Some of the horoscope Apps are misleading the people with their content and attracting them towards downloading the App. The stats of Google play store suggests that more than 1500 people have downloaded these malicious Apps.

The below-mentioned apps are believed to be injecting virus such as banking Trojan to your smartphone.

  • Free Daily Horoscope- Astrology online
  • Meu Horoscopo
  • Free daily Horoscope 2019

malicious apps

Out of the available 60 Anti-virus products, only 6 products detected the free daily Horoscope while 10 products detected Meu Horoscope and 12 products have detected the free daily Horoscope 2019.

On the other hand, Nikolaos Chrysaidos of AVAST has discovered 5 apps which infect the smartphones with Banking Trojan. These android apps are uploaded to Google play store under the services such as increased RAM, Super cleaner, VPN etc.

malicious apps

What happens if we install Malicious Apps?

Malicious Apps depending upon the tendency, it can steal your

  • Contacts
  • SMS
  • Images
  • Personal details
  • Location
  • Search history
  • Bank account details

malicious apps

Cybercriminals can steal anything from the aforementioned by the virus and banking Trojan. Do not be a victim of Cyber Crimes. So to protect your privacy and bank details from the cybercriminals, before downloading the App check twice about the same.

According to a report, Google has removed the reported malicious Apps from the Google play store.