Health News Today: Adults in Risk of 4 deadly diseases due to Lack of Physical activity

areflect physical activity

In world, the ratio of adults gradually decreased in maintaining physical activity. About half of adults on earth are at greater risks to get exposed with deadly diseases like cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes, dementia, and cancer.

Impact of physical activity in Adults

Recently, a study estimated the improving physical activity in adults around the world by considering the global risks. The outcome claims that activity levels suppressed to 32% in woman and 23% in men who have not reached a minimum recommended levels of activity i.e. 150 minutes of normal activity (or) 75 minutes of high intensity activity per week for healthy life.

Apart from Arab countries, Woman are less interested in physical activity than men in remaining region of the world. As the insufficient levels from 31% to 37% increased from developed western countries like Latin America, New Zealand and USA. The levels decreased from 26% to 17 % in South East Asia targeting the China with huge population.

“Addressing these inequalities in activity levels between men and women will be critical to achieving global activity targets and will require interventions to promote and improve women’s access to opportunities that are safe, affordable and culturally acceptable,” said co-author Dr. Fiona Bull from WHO, Geneva

Why woman Lacking physical activity?

However, the in-activity prevailed in western countries with modernized transportation and stationary jobs are related in decreasing the physical activity. Similarly in low income countries more physical activity considered with transportation and work.

Even the study gathered information in woman lacking the physical activity in Asian countries.  Because they face social and cultural barriers in society. If policies implemented it leads to a great national impact on improving the productivity in adults.

As the governments should take part in establishing the policies for people in encouraging their activities for good health.

Moreover, by maintaining the infrastructure and promoting the environment without pollution by providing bicycle transportation and recreation activities at work place, open spaces in communities like parks for performing physical activities.