Today’s Tech News: Is Instagram stepping into E-commerce with IG shopping App?

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The Verge reported that Instagram is making inroads to E-commerce. Reportedly, it is believed that Instagram is developing a mobile application which is purely meant for shopping. The social media giant might name the App as IG shopping App.

Everyone loves the fruits produced by the E-commerce and Facebook-owned Instagram is no different. In the month of March 2016, Instagram started testing their new shopping feature. Eventually, in the month of September 2017, it rolled out the App more widely.

Even though Instagram is smaller than Facebook, it has grown largely in recent years. If stats are to be believed, Every 8 users out of 10 Instagram users at least follow one business on Instagram. This could be one of the prime reasons why IG shopping could be a roaring hit.
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The current COO of Instagram Sheryl Sandberg has said that “25 million business profiles are present in Instagram, out of which 2 million profiles are of advertisers”.

Why is Instagram developing IG shopping App?

Instagram was launched on 06th October 2010. Currently, it is one among the top 10 social media Apps and is ranked 7th on the list with 1 billion monthly active users.

Out of a total of 1 billion monthly active users, 800 million Instagram users i.e., 80% of Instagram users at least follow one business page. 70% of the US businesses are active on Instagram. Instagram has seen a hike of 28% for advertisements in the year 2017.
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So to provide its users with a user-friendly experience, Instagram is developing IG shopping App. It has rolled out two updates so far. The first update was limited to 8 countries in which the merchants can add price tags with their posts. In the second update, it allowed them to add online payment options.

When does IG shopping App launch?

In the battle of E-commerce giants, Instagram’s IG shopping would be the debutant. But the Instagram’s sheer following and user base will be definitely a huge bonus. Not only Instagram, Facebook also has 80 million small business pages.

IG shopping allows users to browse and buy products directly from the images uploaded by the businesses they follow. It introduces a new level of shopping experience by decreasing the customer’s workload.

According to a report, the App is in still development phase and Instagram has recently started testing the App. Currently, Instagram is testing one of its features from which users can shop directly from Instagram stories.

There is no official update from the Facebook or Instagram about the official launch. But if it launches IG shopping App then it will be a start of a new era in the social e-commerce.
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Instagram has officially launched IGTV in the month of June. As a competitor to YouTube but it hasn’t been that successful.

There will be some serious hurdles that should be tackled in their way to make a major expansion in E-commerce. So the developers keeping IGTV in mind might take time to unleash the IG shopping to its users. But one thing is sure that the current Instagram App will be just for sharing images and communication. There will be an entirely new App for shopping “IG SHOPPING”.