Have You Travelled In The British Airways Recently? Then Your Bank Details Are At Risk

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    If you are one of those passengers who had booked and traveled with British Airways between Aug. 21 and Sept. 5, then you might be the victim of cybercrime.

    According to the British Airways CEO and Chairman Alex Cruz, cybercriminals have attacked the airlines stealing the personal information and bank details of almost 380,000 passengers.

    Both the website and Mobile app are hacked by the cybercriminals. now everything is restored and is working normally.

    All these passengers have traveled in the BA in the last three weeks. He went on to describe the attack as the “Very sophisticated, malicious criminal” attack.

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    The British Airways has reported about the attack to the police and the respective agencies. It has also printed advertisements in the national newspapers and contacted the customers after knowing about the cyber-attack.

    The British Airways has suffered few technical problems in the period of 2 years. Out of all the attacks, this is the deadliest one.

    In the month of May 2017, due to some internal technical glitches, The British Airways went onto cancel flights for 3 days in a row. This stranded almost 75,000 travelers who booked British Airways.

    Compensation for the passengers traveled In the British Airways:

    The cybercriminals who hacked the BA have stolen the information such as

    • Name
    • Bank details
    • Email address
    • Credit card number
    • CVV (the three-digit security number for cards)
    • Card’s expiry date.

    With the details available above, one can steal your wealth from the bank with ease.

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    So Alex Cruz has asked the passengers to contact their respective banks and credit card issuer and follow the same suggested by them.

    If you are one of the passengers among 380,000 travelers, then do not worry. As the CEO of the British Airways Alex Cruz has assured that the airways will compensate the affected person. Cybercriminals haven’t stolen the passport and travel details.

    “The utmost importance and security will be given to our traveler’s data” concluded Alex Cruz.