Health News Today: Nail Biting Habit leads to Melanoma cancer

areflect nail biting habit

Woman with Nail biting habit developed cancer and her thumb amputated. She was diagnosed with acral lentiginous melanoma, a form of skin cancer which develops on the palms, soles of the feet, or under the nail also known as subungual melanoma.

An Australian Courtney Withorn 20, a psychology student faced bullying in school lead to mental and physical suffering. With bullying effect, she does habit of nail biting multiple times caused nail turning into black colour. Moreover, she started to hide the ugly thumb.


Risk of Melanoma in Nails

Melanoma can be difficult to treat if it is not detected in its earliest stages, as it can spread to other organs. Usually, the result of excess ultraviolet sun exposure, so most people identify melanoma on parts of the body where the sun hits, such as the face.

They may be less likely to suspect melanoma in other areas of the skin where it can occur. This includes melanoma under the fingernails. This type of melanoma often resembles normal bruising of the nails and may be difficult to identify.

She met plastic surgeons for removing turned nail black . After removing thought of skin grafting in the effected place.

“I can’t even explain how self-conscious I was. I always had fake nails to hide it because it was so black,” she said, describing how she kept her thumb hidden from her friends and family out of embarrassment.

“Bullied to the point where even the thought of going to school gave me anxiety, so much so that nail biting habit became a coping mechanism,” the psychology student wrote in a Facebook post “I didn’t even realise that I had totally bitten my entire thumb nail off until I saw blood on my hand.”

Meanwhile, withorn tried to hide her thumb from her family for four years. The doctors insisted her something was wrong and did a biopsy.

Woman underwent multiple surgeries for thumb to protect herself from cancer. She had to amputate it to stop spreading of cancer to other organs of the body. Moreover, waiting for clinical test to find out whether cancer completely out of the body.