Today’s Tech News: How To Make A Start-up Successful Using Digital Marketing?

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Digital marketing is growing rapidly. It has become the heart and soul of start-ups. Over the past few years, most of the start-ups have started and adapted to digital marketing and it has gained a lot of popularity over the years.

If you look at the interviews of some of the successful entrepreneurs who are listed on Forbes, at some of the other points they have listed about digital marketing. In this fast-paced business industry, as an entrepreneur, you need to take a really quick decision to withstand the competition from your peers.

Digital marketing is a powerful tool. so if it is used in the right way, it takes you to the top of your business and makes you as undefeatable. It is the boss when it comes to the marketing arena.

So as an entrepreneur, you have done all the hard work of choosing the platform and started your start-up but it just contributes 50% of your success. The other 50% of success remains with marketing and getting a brand name for your start-up

What is digital marketing?

Digital marketing which is also known as online marketing is a modern way of marketing. It helps you to market and promote your products with billions of online users with the help of internet.

There are almost 8 main categories to market and promote your start-up using digital marketing. But there is an unlimited number of ways to market using the subcategories. So that means it provides you with so many options to market your products.

  1. Email marketing
  2. Social media marketing
  • Facebook
  • WhatsApp
  • Instagram
  • Pinterest
  • Google+
  • Messenger
  • Twitter
Source: startup mechanics
  1. SMS marketing
  2. Video marketing
  3. Search Engine Optimization

The important benefits of digital marketing are:

Digital marketing provides you with different modes and each and every mode has a different impact. One can have a very high impact whereas other can have a moderate impact. So it is all depended on you to choose what type of digital marketing suits you depending upon your requirement. I have penned down some of the most important benefits of going digital for marketing.
  1. Low cost
  2. High impact
  3. High conversion rates
  4. Increases customer base
  5. Provides you with analytics
  6. Easy to use
  7. Greater Returns on investment
  8. Brand awareness
  9. Reaches millions of customers in a short span of time
  10. Can reach targeted customers
  11. Different  modes of marketing
  12. Display ads and retargeting advertisements
  13. Real-time advertisements
  14. Helps you to grow fast
  15. Provides customer support
  16. Ready to use a type of marketing

Aforementioned are some of the benefits that digital marketing provides its user. One can clearly draw a conclusion about why he/she should start using digital marketing right now.


Digital marketing is very cheap and has a huge impact on the market. 8 out of every 10 business are already started marketing digitally as its yielding huge profits at low investments. It not only helps your business to grow but also provides your start-up with a brand awareness.
Source: digital vidya

As we know 75% of the world buys from pencils to cars just looking at its brand negotiating the price. So digital marketing helps your start-up to get a brand tag both globally and locally. Which helps you to increase your sales and earning high revenues.

Many say that digital marketing is only adopted by the big men of business but that’s not the truth because it is of low cost and helps small businesses and medium businesses to grow rapidly at the fast pace. In this fast-paced and competition heavy business world, you need to update yourself accordingly to customers, as customers are going digital it is high time for you to turn up and take the challenge that digital marketing throwing at you and accept the rewards it is providing you.