Today’s tech news: Facebook Lite gets community help to provide safety during disasters

areflect Facebook Lite
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Three Hurricanes from the Atlantic Ocean are moving towards the US and the Caribbean. Meanwhile, Facebook seems to be getting ready to help the people with its new community help tools. Now, this feature can also be accessed on Facebook lite App.

In the year 2015, Facebook has launched its safety check feature. This feature allows persons from the disasters such as floods, earthquake affected areas to check in as safe. This feature of Facebook was first used during Nepal’s earthquake.
Source: Facebook

According to a report of Facebook, almost 750,000 have used the Facebook crisis feature. It was used during different crises such as the Terrorist attack in Barcelona, Hurricane Harvey, flooding in Brazil and an earthquake in central Mexico.

How community help supports Facebook lite users during disasters?

Community help is useful during a state or country crisis. It helps the affected people to get food, shelter, and transportation. One can even raise funds or donations to help the people affected during natural disasters.

Community help was first launched in February 2017. At the time of launch, this feature was only available on the Facebook desktop site and in Facebook App. So in order to help people, Facebook has introduced community help for Facebook lite users also.
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Even though the internet connection during the natural disasters will have a low strength, people can still use the community help on Facebook lite as it requires a minimal internet. Facebook lite App can even run on the 2G network if 3G and 4G networks are not available.

Continuing, Facebook has said that the Facebook Lite users can access almost each and every feature that a normal Facebook App provides its users with. Facebook lite App is available in more than 100 countries. Community help feature of Facebook which is even adopted on the lite version of its App can come in handy in the upcoming days.